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About the Bugs

BungleBug Species

Girl BungleBugs are round. Boy BungleBugs are oval. When a BungleBug's mood changes, so does its color, antennae, and wings. Their shaky looking antennae rotate in a full circle and roll outward and down, like little balls, to the top of their heads. When they are happy, their wings shoot straight up into the air and vibrate. When a BungleBug is sad or unhappy, its wings drop to its sides and grow very, very long. A BungleBug's voice has a buzzing sound and more often than not BungleBugs bump into things.

Girl BungleBugs' wings look like bows and they wear bows on their antennae. The color of their bows on their antennae matches the color of their wings. Boy BungleBugs have wings that look like ping pong paddles. BungleBugs love to fly, walk, and drink nectar.

BungleBugs are bugs you love to hug!

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