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Private/Public Partnerships

Education & Entertainment, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and producer of The Bea & The Bug!, is constantly seeking partnerships to assist in reaching as many children as possible and to grow as a foundation. As a partner you will bring your strengths to the table, and together we'll explore the many ways we can grow together. Please contact us and become a partner.

Public/Private collaborative efforts from our 1999 The Bea & The Bug Extravaganza for Children! included

  • American Frozen Food Institute
  • Afro-American Newspaper
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Capital View Systems, Inc. Children's Ministries
  • D.C. Public Library
  • DuPlain Enterprises, Inc.
  • Girl Scouts/D.C.
  • Gospel Invasion Worldwide
  • I.J. Marcus Consulting
  • Montgomery College
  • Hillcrest Children's Center
  • National Assoc. Of Manufacturers
  • Office of the Secretary of the Interior
  • Olney Theatre Center fot the Arts
  • Robert Ames Alden Theatre of the Performing Artists
  • Round House Theatre
  • The Washington Revels

Catch the Vision!

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