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Catch the Vision!

We all give a great big thank you to the members of our first Honorary Committee! Ziganinny!

Colin Powell

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and Army General (retired)

Washington DC Mayor Anthony Williams

Mayor Williams backstage as one of the bugs!

Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell, WETA Founder

Darrell Green

Darrell Green, Washington Redskin

Julie Harris

Julie Harris, Tony Award-winning actress

Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson, W*USA Channel 9 Broadcaster

Bob Levey

Bob Levey, former Washington Post Columnist

Brig Owens

Brig Owens, Former Washington Redskin

Dennis Owens

Dennis Owens, former Morning Host, WGMS Radio

Mrs. Williams (Mayor's Mom)

Mrs. Virginia E. Hays Williams, Former Opera Singer (and the Mayor's mom!)

Catch the Vision!


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