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What Kids & Adults Say About the Show!


"Even as an adult, I was reminded why I was proud to be an American. Watching the children interact and learn during the "The Bea and the Bug" show was inspiring for our country's future."

Joy W.

"Absolutely loved it and so did my 2 1/2 year old. If it can keep her in a trance for even 20 minutes then there is SUCCESS! Plus she learned something new about our country at the same time. Excellent play. Highly recommended for yourself or your kids or BOTH!   :)"

Jill Forbes, MEd, RD

"What an impressive journey through time! The actors' energy was contagious and I could tell that each member of the cast enjoys what they do. I've never seen such a motivated crowd, following every move the characters made; even my mother was giggling throughout the entire performance! A+"

Anna R. Brussel
Educator & Graduate Student in School Counseling

"The Bea and The Bug! is terrific theatre and is for anyone of any age who is open to magical experience of theatre. The Bea and the Bug is a show you can't miss!"

Ronald Newman
Education Technician
Department of Parks and Recreation
Office of Educational Services
Washington, DC

"We are pleased to support this fine program."

Elizabeth Reinhardt
Vice President of Communications
America On Line, Inc.

"...Your organization and this annual event have made an important difference in the lives of many Washington area children and their families. We are proud to have played a small role in supporting this effort."

Denise P. Snight
Adiminstrator, Government Relations

"The Bea & The Bug! is very powerful and stimulating. It does not talk down to children, and everyone, children and adults, leave the theatre knowing more... After the show, people from all walks of life stood around in the parking lot and talked about how great the show was -- it brought us together. I just think the whole thing is neat and we can't wait to see the next show!"

Pam Harries
Mother of Four

"This is the only chance that many inner city families have to experience live theater and to have a real family experience. Because it's free, families living in shelters and low-income families can come to the show. Thank you. You have no idea what a great service you are providing to the community."

Director of a Shelter

"...I enjoyed the event and believe it is important for parents to hear that it's good to "hug your kids". I think you are doing a very good work. Your work is infused with a kind spirit and an honest regard for children."

Carol Gulley
Director of Music
Bethesda Academy for the Performing Arts

"... The children really enjoyed the show! Thank you for including us!"

Mr. Span
Crises Coordinator
Jackie Robinson Center


Comments from the Children!

My favorite part was the Banneker Rap. I thought the "Do you Know" part was funny. BungleBug was my favorite character. - Kerwin
I liked the music - Jeremy
I liked the costumes - Meagan
I like the play - Ashley
U all rock! - Meagan Taylor
I liked the songs - Katie Carroll
I also liked the costumes - Jocelyn
I liked BungleBug because he was so funny - Steven
I like the colorful lights - Park Helen
I hope we can come back - Joey
I hope the next school likes it too - Mark Burton
I like when you had the history book and taught us about people who made history - Katrina Green
I liked the Dragonfly's costume - Seth

If you have enjoyed The Bea & The Bug Extravaganza for Children!, please write to us and tell us what you thought about the show. We might post your comments on our web site!

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